Acne Control Eliminate Your Facial Acne

In the present age soft, smooth, clear, attractive and glowing facial skin is rare. If you have one, you are indeed blessed. But you can not achieve the beauty of your skin without proper care.

However, the fresh youthful look can be maintained with a little hard work. Normally, worries and tension coupled with the climatic effect put profound impact on the skin and many women look aged even in their prime. There is no exact reason behind the formation of acne on any part of the body including face. However, a few factors are thought to be playing major influential roles behind their formation.

Studies have revealed that male sex hormone androgen boosts up the level of body oil secretion. And this hormone is present in people of both sexes. And these hyperactive oil glands and an augmentation in sebum secretion is the key reason behind facial acne formation. You might be wondering as to how an excess amount of body oil is responsible for the birth and proliferation of facial acne. Human skin consists of innumerable hair follicles embedded beneath the epidermal layer. Connected to these hair follicles, lies plenty of oil glands which are also known as sebaceous glands.

They secrete sebum or body oil in order to maintain the natural oil balance of the skin surface. They come out through the hair follicles and spread all over the skin surface. The amount of secretion of sebum is not same for everyone.

Risk of acne is higher in those who have hyperactive sebaceous glands which secrete a surplus amount of body oil. A skin that secretes too much sebum is called an oily skin. Exfoliation is another natural mechanism of human body in which all the dead skin cells are peeled off and newer skin cells appear. It is often noticed that this natural exfoliation process is faulty among people with an acne prone skin. A few precautionary as well as preventive steps could help you alleviate acne to a considerable extent.

The first step is to develop healthy food habits, avoiding junk food and everything else which is liable to raise the level of toxic content in the blood. Washing your face with a gentle soap and warm water twice daily is mandatory. Never rub your face in an attempt to clean it, if it is really that necessary to use some exfoliator, go for mild ones.

Using coarse cloths or abrasive materials for cleaning your face is extremely detrimental. Also keep your hands, hair, pillowslips and other belongings clean since the malicious contents like accumulated body oil or dead skin cells might transmit from there to your face. Take at least eight glasses of water each day and maintain balanced sleep and eating habits for regular bowel clearance.

Mild facial acne is often cured with over-the-counter products like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid; however if severity persists or gets out of hand then visiting an experienced dermatologist is essential. A dermatologist might prescribe oral or topical antibiotics or retinoids in order to diminish the inflammation and flattening the acne. Be careful with styling aids around the face that contain polymers that can clog pores and cause pimples. We don't offer those here, so that's one less thing to worry about. Don't get sold on the term "oil-free" either. Its meaningless.

There are plenty of ingredients that don't sound like oils and can aggravate breakouts, but on the other hand, not all oils clog pores. If your using topical antibiotics, realize that long-term use can lead to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. You may like the option of Living Nature's Manuka & Honey Antiseptic as an alternative.

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