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Eliminating sticker

Eliminating sticker shock: automating charge capture and supply chain management delivers a host of gains to a large Tennessee-based IDNThe bane of nearly every hospital without automation technology is the ubiquitous piggyback sticker.

Medical device

Medical device reprocessing—an alternative - OpinionThe US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) updated guidance for reprocessing devices marketed as single.

When you simply

When you simply can't sleep: chronic insomnia can lead to a host of health woes. Here's what to do about it before it becomes a crisis - HealthFalling asleep is tough enough for most Americans--at least 100 million of us are having bouts of sleeplessness three times or more a week, according to a recent survey.

Dying by irreconcilable

Dying by irreconcilable numbers - Editorial - medical errorsAs each month goes by, some new group or person, wishing to make political capital.

HIV-1 viral protein

HIV-1 viral protein R (Vpr) & host cellular responsesDuring infection of host cells by HIV-1, active host-pathogen interactions take place.

Weight loss and biomedical health improvement on a very low calorie diet: the moderating role of history of weight cyclingAlthough weight-loss programs appear to result in significant short-term improvements in health, (1-3) only a small percentage (less than 25%) of individuals actually maintain their lowered weight over substantial time periods during the post-loss follow-up period. (4-6) As a result of widespread relapsing, a large percentage of dieters attempt numerous dieting programs and experience repetitive bouts of short-term weight loss followed by subsequent weight regain.

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Importance of Transplantation History in ABO DiscrepanciesA complete history is important for the solution of blood bank typing problems and, with the increasing numbers of transplantation procedures, a patient's history may include transplantation at major medical centers with a subsequent return to the local community hospital.

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Doctors, deities and ancestral spirits: immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean rely on traditional healing. Is the medical world prepared to care for them?Alfredo Alonso sat on the edge of the rumpled bed tucked in one corner of his Northern Manhattan apartment. He was facing the altar and wearing ceremonial garb: white cotton fabric swaddling his head, colorful beads around his neck.

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Strategy-driven growth: a Florida health plan employs a host of process changes and IT improvements to redirect its growth to a small business market. CRM plays an important role in automating the sales cycle"Qualified lead" is a phrase most often whispered at healthcare IT trade shows. It is what every vendor in every exhibit hall across America wants from the flow and ebb of conference attendee traffic through the exhibit hall.

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Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of MasturbationIn Solitary Sex Thomas Laqueur aims to provide a comprehensive explanation for the anxiety over masturbation which gripped the western world from the early eighteenth to the mid-(or perhaps late) twentieth century.

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