Depression Therapy Must be Based on Spiritual Knowledge

Depression can definitely destroy your life. In our modern rat race society more and more people suffer from it. Every sixth person suffering from severe depression commits suicide. I have read a lot of information about depression and related subjects. What really struck me was how helpless we are, when it comes to mental disorder and disease. The prescription of antidepressant drugs with all its problematic side effects is the most frequent form of depression treatment.

Sometimes some sort of psychotherapy or "talk therapy" accompanies it. It is not my intention to minimize the importance of antidepressant medications. It has its value, especially in the emergency treatment of depression. However, in the long run there are severe side effects. Medication can in no way replace a psychotherapeutic treatment. Studies have proven that talking to an expert about your condition will often be of great help to resolve it.

It is not possible to replace what I call the "personal factor". Unfortunately, this "personal factor" is a mere side effect in modern mainstream depression treatment, because it is not properly understood. To enhance the "personal factor", therapists first have to learn what a person actually is. We live in a society, which has made massive advancement in the field of technology and science. All this aims at increasing the human potential of control.

In the name of security and survival, we'd like to control anything and everything not only on this earth, but even in the universe. Space ships are sent to foreign planets to find out the situation there, so that the human race can repeat the history of control and exploitation there, too. It does not come as a surprise that the leading heads of humankind tend to transfer this model of control to the field of consciousness, including the mental and emotional sphere. Being obsessed with a mechanical understanding of reality they try to approach this field the same way as they do with matter in general, down to electrons and atoms.

Even with regard to matter, quantum physics teaches us that a mechanistic understanding will not be able to explain reality. But main stream science does not mind as long as the results of the research can be converted into money by commerce and industry, on which they depend for their living. What is the result of this approach? The answer simply is: Manipulation.

Pharmaceutical products will manipulate you to get rid of your depression, being happy and functioning. Less and less are we allowed to develop our natural health, whether mental or physical. If you are sad, take a pill and you'll be happy. Change some chemicals in your brain and everything will be alright. This approach makes people into slaves, slaves of magic pills and quick fixes. They are treated like machines, repaired like broken cars.

More and more they come to the conviction that they actually are machines. In this way, they are taught to completely abandon their own responsibility for themselves. They are taught to abandon their free will, which separates them from machines. There simply is no manipulative way to treat depression.

It may be covered up, but it will stay. The main modus operandi of modern depression treatment is manipulating people into numbness. It is directly opposite to what really is required.

Instead of covering up the root of the problem, instead of manipulating depressive patients into dullness and forgetting, they should be taught about their real nature of happiness and power. But how will the therapists and doctors be able to do that? They mostly have no idea themselves! They mostly do not know who they are! They have no idea, why they are here except some mysterious "big bang" blah. How should they know their patients? In a strange mixture of helplessness and arrogance modern psychology and psychotherapy is stuck in a nowhere land between ignorance about the spiritual facts of life and its inability to admit that.

Without a proper standard of spiritual education no one should be allowed to treat depression. Mainstream psychology, either in theory or in practice, has no foundation. Despite all its (self-acclaimed) professional credentials, without proper spiritual knowledge it is simply charlatanism.

They may throw stones at me, but it is a fact.

Friedrich Asen has over 20 years of experience as a personal development expert. On his site you will find more information on depression treatment, including natural remedies and powerful alternative healing methods.

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