Good Reasons For Losing Weight

Everyone knows that being overweight is not a healthy place to be at, and you don't have to be a genius to be aware of that. However just knowing this is not a strong enough reason for most people to make a firm commitment to lose weight. Just by saying that you should lose weight because you are overweight is not a good reason for losing weight. If it was, less people would fail in their attempts. Weight loss requires motivation and you will get that motivation from your reasons to lose weight. Your focus should not be on how difficult it will be but what the future will hold for you if you don't.

Do not just spend a few minutes thinking about it. Write everything down and read it again and again. Also write down all the benefits that you will get by losing weight.

Compare your two lists regularly and it won't be difficult to see which will be the better option. Your reasons to lose weight should be your own, reasons that are personal to you and not anybody else. Write down all the benefits you can think of regardless how small. The more reasons you have the more you will be motivated. Here are some good reasons, you can use these and add anymore you can think of. Make copies of your list and pin them up in different rooms in your house.

The major reason for losing weight is your health. However don't just think that you want to be healthier. You need to be specific. When you lose weight you significantly reduce the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, bone disorders, joint problems, strokes, heart attacks, and various cancers.

Your chances of living longer are significantly increased. Try to think what your life would be like if one or more of those diseases entered your life. Do something about it now before it is too late because it is only a question of when something happens, if you don't. The next reason for losing weight is how it will affect your life on a daily basis.

You will start to have more energy. Carrying excessive weight is a drain on you and your body. It makes you tired more quickly leaving you feeling lethargic and making it difficult to do everyday tasks.

On top of this you will feel better about yourself. When you don't feel rundown and tired you feel happier. This is good not only for you but for people around you. Nobody wants to be around someone who feels tired and grumpy all the time.

A further reason to lose weight is that it makes you look good. No matter what anyone says, everyone wants to look good and be noticed. When you are aware that people notice you in a positive way it raises your confidence and self esteem.

You feel so much better about yourself when you know you are healthy and fit and know that others are also seeing you in the same way. Unfortunately the opposite is also true. When you don't feel good about yourself your self confidence and self esteem can drop and make you feel even worse. Once you have got your reasons for losing weight, make a plan.

Decide what you are going to cut out of your diet and what you are going to add. Plan your exercise program by picking what exercises you are going to do, and when you are going to do them. Finally the most important step, which is to commit yourself to follow your plan day after day, and week after week, and the results that you desire will come.

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